Get a direct Connection to Best French Wine Yards !


The French Wine Connection is an e-shop proposing wines coming exclusively from France and delivered to Estonia with the minimum number of steps between Wine Yards and final customer. The aim of the company is to select best quality wines from small producers and sell them at a discount price by avoiding numerous numbers of intermediates.


The company is composed by a French-Estonian couple: Gautier, originary from Bordeaux and Heili Estonian citizen. This particularity makes the French Wine Connection an exclusive, reliable and cost-effective link between French wineyards and Estonian customers.


The range of Wines proposed is unique. You will find the most well known appellation as well as some nugget that are even hard to find in France... To help you in discovering the wide varieties of French wines, we propose for every region a entry level product that will lead you to wines that express the quintessence of French winemaking.


We hope you will enjoy discovering what French Wineyard can offer best!


For the record, the “French Connection” was a scheme through which heroin was smuggled from Turkey to France and then to the United States, culminating in the late 1960s and early 1970s, when it provided the vast majority of the illicit heroin used in the United States! Wine is not a drug but you still get addicted to it…


kodulehe tegemine